Level 1201 - 1300

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Level 1201                                       Level 1251
Level 1202                                       Level 1252
Level 1203                                       Level 1253
Level 1204                                       Level 1254
Level 1205                                       Level 1255
Level 1206                                       Level 1256
Level 1207                                       Level 1257
Level 1208                                       Level 1258
Level 1209                                       Level 1259
Level 1210                                       Level 1260
Level 1211                                       Level 1261
Level 1212                                       Level 1262
Level 1213                                       Level 1263
Level 1214                                       Level 1264
Level 1215                                       Level 1265
Level 1216                                        Level 1266
Level 1217                                        Level 1267
Level 1218                                        Level 1268
Level 1219                                        Level 1269
Level 1220                                        Level 1270
Level 1221                                        Level 1271
Level 1222                                        Level 1272
Level 1223                                        Level 1273
Level 1224                                        Level 1274
Level 1225                                        Level 1275
Level 1226                                       Level 1276
Level 1227                                       Level 1277
Level 1228                                       Level 1278
Level 1229                                       Level 1279
Level 1230                                      Level 1280
Level 1231                                      Level 1281
Level 1232                                      Level 1282
Level 1233                                       Level 1283
Level 1234                                       Level 1284
Level 1235                                       Level 1285
Level 1236                                       Level 1286
Level 1237                                       Level 1287
Level 1238                                       Level 1288
Level 1239                                       Level 1289
Level 1240                                       Level 1290
Level 1241                                       Level 1291
Level 1242                                       Level 1292
Level 1243                                       Level 1293
Level 1244                                       Level 1294
Level 1245                                       Level 1295
Level 1246                                       Level 1296
Level 1247                                       Level 1297
Level 1248                                       Level 1298
Level 1249                                       Level 1299 
 Level 1250                                       Level 1300


  1. No tips for 1251 ??

  2. Level 1252. 45 moves and 3/4 include either reshuffling or only one possible move. Lazy programming on King's part.

  3. 1259 is unwinnable. I have "won" it twice, except you need 7 ingredients but one of them just disappears so you can only ever get 6 ingredients

  4. I'm on 1259 too, can't get it....frustrating!

  5. Keep on trying. You will get through. I'm on 1268. Some fun levels to pass. This one is pretty difficult.

    Good luck from the Netherlands

  6. can't get close on 1268

  7. I am on 1277. Looks like this is another ridiculous game by CC. 30 moves, 2 freckle-striped combos, 2 wrapped-striped combos and 18 wrapped candies. I got to 4 wrapped candies and I am so pi$$ed.

    Don’t they ever learn?

  8. I'm on 1268 now also! Not even close.

  9. I've been on 1268 for a couple of days, too. Haven't gotten close. Boosters don't seem to help either.

  10. Finally got through 1268. Had to use several strip/wrap combos and had 2 color bombs together towards the end that I used. Good luck!

  11. I'm the anonymous from October 15 and I finally passed it today. I used a stripe/wrap booster and also several hand switches to get other stripe/wraps. Good riddance to this level!

  12. 1268 is a quite difficult level. I Also had to use several hands a one hammer to complete it

  13. We realy dont need chocolate in level 1268, another time a bit to much for cc.

  14. 1268 is too much. I am not even getting close most of the time. Do they really want us to quit?

  15. My best attempt at 1268 so far, had about 10 jellies left.

  16. Anyone else having trouble with 1270? I can't get anywhere with it. Terrible level and so boring.

  17. Finished all levels that are there. Good luck everyone. *Patiently waiting for more*

  18. I've been stuck on 1269 and it is getting old. Not even getting close. Time to take a break from Candy Crush and do something productive. But, I'll be back!

  19. somebody help with 1257...can't figure it out

  20. I've been stuck on 1277 for more than a week. They just changed it to "hard level" today. Ya think, CC?? Impossible is more like it!!

  21. I'm the poster from Oct. 20, stuck on 1269. Well, I got through and finished eight levels quickly using my five lives and four lives from friends. Unbelievable. There are some fun levels ahead--not so much about skill but fun nevertheless. Now I'm on 1277 and it is insane. Need to make 20 wraps, some sprinkles and stripes and, oh yeah, in some cases you have to switch them together. Not many moves, either. Is this even possible?

  22. They're all possible since I managed to get through all of them. I use lollipops and hand switches that I save up from collecting sugar drops. But now there's a new series and I don't have a lot of them saved. So far it's not so bad.

  23. I'm still on 1277. I thought it impossible, but have come close a couple of times so I guess at some point I will get through. What I'm finding: best not to form stripes until a sprinkle is on the board. Those stripes screw up the board when not needed. On the other hand, try to get a stripe lined up to set off the flying saucers; you'll need to hit them twice to activate, so try to get them early. Sprinkle/stripe combo can do wonders in activating the flying saucers. Every few games I find lots of wraps forming by themselves, so not to worry about clearing all four flying saucers that will give you 12 of the 20 wraps you need (I think you need a total of 20). I got down to needing one combo in a game but lollipops and hands usually do not help making combos at the end, so here I sit on this level. People on this board have been asking for a level where we have to think. Yes, a lot of this level luck (and which level wasn't?) but this is a level where you need to study your board and go slowly.

  24. Got from level 1274 to 1284 today !!! Lots of luck, a bit of skill and a few boosters. Some levels special candies just fell down at the right time / right place.

  25. Anyone else on 1295? I can't get anywhere with it. And then it freezes up and wastes a life.

    Just for those who are on the levels with the saucers, did you know that you can set them off with a lollipop? That's how I got past those levels that needed lots of wraps.

  26. Just finished level 1295 !! Wait for update now. Got thru many levels with only few boosters, luck and skill.

  27. Agree for 1287 Mary Immel, just try 3 times but souds not good :(

  28. 1287, the most boring ever!...........

  29. Anyone having trouble with level 1289? Seems so confusing to me. I either just don't understand how it works or I am not getting a lucky board!

  30. Did 1280-1295 in an afternoon. Good challenges, not too easy and not too hard.

  31. Level 1289 is very tricky. It has made me spend more on extra moves than any other level in candy crush history. I think it is the level that will make me quit candy crush!

  32. I'm on level 1289 and have not completed it yet, but I can see that you need to have the ingredients drop down so they are in the left hand row going down. Not so easy as you may not have a move that let's you do that. If you can get it to drop onto the next row going down you should be able to move it left without much difficulty. The ingredients will drop from the left hand side of the board and move over to the right hand side of the board where they will exit. As you create combos or horizontal stripes you will eliminate only the first licorice each time, so the left hand row (on the right side of the screen) will clear first. So far, I haven't been able to clear any rows of licorice except the left hand one. This would make more sense if I could draw a diagram, but it will make sense after you've played a few times. The key is to get the ingredients to drop all the way to the left.

  33. Level 1289. Got lucky with one move to go and got two sprinkles next to each other. Cleared out the licorice and the ingredients all went through.

  34. pffff 200,000 for level 1304 is impossible whitout a miracle board, need a little fix :(

  35. I'm on level 1304. I have collected all the orders twice but not enough points. I even matched a sprinkle with a stripe. Still not enough points. This is beyond a hard level. I don't even feel like playing.

  36. I'm on 1304 too...collected orders 4 times but can't reach 200,000 points. I'm starting to wonder if it is even possible!

  37. Passed 1304 after many tries, always short on points. On 1306 which I'm hating! Has anyone passed it yet? Help!

  38. You need to have wrapped candies to get the points to add up.

  39. I just passed 1306, but by using de handswitch. Got two stars. And could make a colorbomb in the beginning so i could kill the bomb.

    good luck.

  40. I order to get enough points in 1304, you have to combine a rainbow candy with a wrapped one. That will give you a load of points in one move.

  41. Any ideas for 1309? Once cherry/nut is down below halfway game is over, am I right? Do cherry/nut show at random or on certain moves?


  42. Level 1304 - combining a Rainbow Candy with plain orange colour gave me 46,000 points at the start setting me well on the way to completing this level after many efforts where I was short of points...

  43. 1309 is mean. I succeded with one nut falling down below and getting it around just in time. Nervewracking :)

  44. Last level on my ipad is 1295 ??????

  45. One exit only for the ingredients in level 1306 ??


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