Level 1901 - 2000

Level guides and tips.
Below are links to the level guides with tips and videos for all the Candy Crush Saga levels between 1901 and 2000.
There are hints and tips from our expert players and from other readers of this blog.
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Click on the link below to see the tips and video for the level you want.
Level 1901                                       Level 1951
Level 1902                                       Level 1952
Level 1903                                       Level 1953
Level 1904                                       Level 1954
Level 1905                                       Level 1955
Level 1906                                       Level 1956
Level 1907                                       Level 1957
Level 1908                                       Level 1958
Level 1909                                       Level 1959
Level 1910                                       Level 1960
Level 1911                                       Level 1961
Level 1912                                       Level 1962
Level 1913                                       Level 1963
Level 1914                                       Level 1964
Level 1915                                       Level 1965
Level 1916                                        Level 1966
Level 1917                                        Level 1967
Level 1918                                        Level 1968
Level 1919                                        Level 1969
Level 1920                                        Level 1970
Level 1921                                        Level 1971
Level 1922                                        Level 1972
Level 1923                                        Level 1973
Level 1924                                        Level 1974
Level 1925                                        Level 1975
Level 1926                                       Level 1976
Level 1927                                        Level 1977
Level 1928                                        Level 1978
Level 1929                                        Level 1979
Level 1930                                       Level 1980
Level 1931                                       Level 1981
Level 1932                                       Level 1982
Level 1933                                       Level 1983
Level 1934                                       Level 1984
Level 1935                                       Level 1985
Level 1936                                       Level 1986
Level 1937                                       Level 1987
Level 1938                                       Level 1988
Level 1939                                       Level 1989
Level 1940                                       Level 1990
Level 1941                                       Level 1991
Level 1942                                       Level 1992
Level 1943                                       Level 1993
Level 1944                                       Level 1994
Level 1945                                       Level 1995
Level 1946                                       Level 1996
Level 1947                                       Level 1997
Level 1948                                       Level 1998
Level 1949                                       Level 1999 
Level 1950                                        Level 2000


  1. For some reason, my levels are showing as completed automatically. I slept with no new levels 2000 and checked this evening to not just new levels but the indication that I have completed all 15. This happened with the last 20ish levels. I was on level 1982 and woke up the next day to find all levels till 2000 completed. Anybody else facing the same issue?

  2. No it must have been the fairies 馃槉

  3. Finished all new levels with 6 lives, of course I used specials and extra lives...
    Now I am bored...

  4. Sorry, I meant extra moves...

  5. I had something similar in Farm Heroes. Moved from 300ish to 600ish automatically. The levels in between are not completed, but I was able to play higher levels. I've quit that game long ago...

  6. A ja nie mog臋 przej艣膰 poziomu 1955, na filmie pokazowym po odblokowaniu wszystkich cukierk贸w co chwila spada dodatkowy czas, u mnie nic,opr贸cz tych, kt贸re s膮 ustalone w grze. Dlaczego?

  7. I'm on 2004. As such, there are no hints here as the site only goes up to 2000. Have played 2004 many times, but I'm not even getting close. I used a check mark booster a few times, but that didn't help much. I couple of times I got all the yellow candies collected or showing but no lollipops to use or I would have used them just to get passed this level.


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