Candy Crush Saga Level 137.

Tips to help you pass level 137 Candy Crush
This is a nasty little level! It will either work very easily and you'll complete it with moves to spare, or the fruit will get stuck on a ledge and it'll be stalemate!
The teleports are quite complicated but you don't really need to know how the fruits are moving, all you need to know is that the exits are on the three columns on the left of the board.
Bearing that in mind all you need to do is keep those left 3 columns moving, either by matching candies in them or by using stripe, stripe/wrap combos, or colour bombs.
As long as those 3 columns are moving the fruit will eventually get there.
The one slight problen is that sometimes the fruit will get stuck on the ledge just above the teleport in the forth column.. If that happens you may as well quit and start again as it's impossible to move it..
The other option if the fruit gets stuck is to use a hand switch to move it over if you have one.
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  1. Can't figure out where all the morphs go ... so confusing!! Help?

  2. On the left hand side of the screen at the bottom, you will see arrows where the fruit and nuts have to go. When they disappear into the "vortex", they will eventually appear on that left hand side and then match your candies. It helps to get a striped candy here to push everything down. Hope this helps.

  3. These comments are really helpful. Thanks!

  4. Any tips for how to keep the ingredients from getting stuck on the ledges? Once they land there I'm at a loss,

  5. What is the path followed? I can't seem to determine where a vortex leads.

  6. I have problems with the fruit getting on the lower sides and can't move them. Is there a special move that I need to make?

  7. to move the ingredients you have to use the candies on the area in front of it. The columns correspond to same in the area behind it.

  8. Great thing to realise is that there are only three columns. The candies/fruit start at the top then drop through to the three right columns. From there they drop to the three columns at the bottom and from there to the left three from which they disappear. I'm still stuck mind you but at least I can see what is happening!

  9. Needs careful thought before each move. Move the candies on the left whenever possible.

  10. There are essentially 4 parts to this one, each with 3 columns. Making moves either to the left or at the bottom will move fruit fastest. When the fruit goes into the first vortex it goes to the right quarter then to the bottom, then to the left. Moves made in the bottom quarter will also help get the fruit out the final space on the left as the candies fall through. The fruit will not land on a ledge unless you put it there so don't move the fruit at all left or right, just let it fall. Once you understand the sequence this level can be done without any combos at all.


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