Candy Crush Saga Level 167.

Adrians tips.
This cream needs hitting twice to uncover the jelly..
Sounds easy, but try and clear the cream (and jelly) BUT 
leave the actual choc factories trapped for as long as 
possible ... then (again, if you can!)only open up one at a 
time, and try and clear all the jelly around it (and remember 
any that gets covered, so you remember to come back for it 
later/include it in a special/combo etc). Naturally use 
specials and (especially) combos as much as possible ... 
and remember, choc ONLY advances if you DIDN'T distroy 
at least one bit in your previous go, so try and keep it in 
check by distroying some each go.


  1. Level is not doable as of today for strategy. Your at the mercy of what comes down and how it chains. If there are no continuous chains to destroy jelly, you do not win.

    If you havn't broken all the hard jelly down to the sides by the time you have 25 moves left, just quit.

  2. Worst experience I had was I was down to 3 single-pop jellies on the edge of right-hand side. The jellies are adjacent to one another. And I got a choc and striped candies side by side on the bottom. I have 4 moves left and I was already celebrating because we all know what kind of damage a combination of choc and striped candies can do. And approximately 20 candies were converted to striped ones. But unfortunately only the middle jelly was hit and I was left with 2 split jellies and assorted candies fall onto its places. The last 3 remaining moves were not enough to clear the 2 jellies.

    Anyways I've been stuck for a little over a day only but it's frustrating!

  3. sa mi bag picioarele in nivelul masii.....

  4. bai se uita cineva pe commenturile astea?

  5. These tips actually did work. My first try, I had 1 jelly left, so I figured not so bad. About 50 lives later the stars were aligned. Open a factory only when necessary. Try to get those top corners, but not open the factory. Try to clear the bottom. I found in many attempts, towards the end, the bottoms received no candy love. And making stripes/wrapped candies became much more difficult. The round I won, I did use color bomb / regular candie, color bomb / stripped to help clean up things. then the last few were just lined up. Keep trying, it is possible. Dean

    1. 2 moves left, 257,740 points (3 starts) 1 jelly left with no possible moves!!!!!

  6. ♥ The tip isn't too bad as long as you don't focus too much on one area. I got it after 10 lives by focusing on the special candy combos then focused on eliminating each corner one at a time.

  7. Passed it on the third try using these tips!

  8. Well I'm about to quit candy crush as I've been stuck on this level for 2 months

  9. Some people are just losers, if you don't have the patients then don't play

  10. That's really helpful. Good one dick.

  11. choadhumping gar.

  12. This level was not as hard as it was made out to be, as I often got close in the early try. I got it on the tenth try, but I did cheat. I had some credits left on the Facebook version of the game, and when the last move put me with a sparkle/striped combination available, I had to see what happened. I bought the extra moves with the credits (must have come with the game, I never bought them) and swiped the combo. It worked, clearing the board and leaving a single jelly--and then as the board refilled, an alignment of three fell into place on that jelly, so... level complete. It's too bad that when you buy or use extra moves you can't bank the unused moves for other levels.

  13. Cleared after twenty attempts. Need wrapped plus stripped to clear.

  14. Got it on 3rd try and 1st day itself. Yes concentrated on the centre block first and attacked the sides later. The very last move did the trick.

  15. I want to say that if yo dont have the patient, dont play...

  16. Wow, was stuck forever until read order to do this, completed on 2nd go after with 13 moves left :) thanks

  17. I don't have the patient, let alone two, but I will keep trying until I win.

  18. The word is patience, you illerates.


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