Candy Crush Saga Level 199.

Tips for level 199 Candy Crush Saga
You need to make vertical stripes or stripe/wrap combos in the bottom to open up the cream and wraps in the top half.
Once you get into the top work in both halves, but slow down and look carefully in both parts of the board before you make a move.
You need to constantly make specials, stripes, wraps and especially colour bombs. Any combination of specials works well on level 199.
Video below

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More tips by Allina Rumfelt
I recently (01/12/2013) went back and did level 199. 
After 3 or 4 lives (less than 5 for sure),  I was able to get down to one remaining corner jelly. 
Some basic strategy that worked for me was first, you are forced to work from the bottom because the top is covered with 3 strike meringues, but once you can break into the top and start making moves you are given lots of wrapped presents The bottom level was fairly straitforward and most of the jellies were cleared just by me making the combos trying to break into the top. 
As with any meringue level the stripe/wrap combo is awesome because it clears 3 rows at a time. I was also able to do a chocolate bomb/ stripe combo which really narrowed the jellies down. Once up top, try and bring 2 wrapped candies together for a bigger double boom. 
You get 50 moves, one of the games I just played took all 50 moves just to break into the top so a lucky board does have to be factored in. Then finally, it almost always came down to a stubborn corner jelly that remained, so while your blasting, aim for those because the middle is much easier to get clear in the end.  When your n the bottom, it was inevitable that I got a horizontal stripe which did me no good for the top part, let it drop to the last row to get corners at least.  Good Luck.


  1. ♥ This one was pretty annoying because I kept having 1 or 2 left multiple of times. I knew it was a matter of time I would complete it but it took me many tries & lives. Matter of luck as usual.

  2. this level i can tell after a dozen attempt is going to do my head in,...i expected heaps of comments here..!!

  3. Been at 199 all day today using multiple lives with no idea how to complete the task. Not even getting near. Help!!!!

  4. I can't even begin to clear the top let alone the bottom. I will be here for awhile I am sure. Wish me luck.

  5. found so much help with other levels by watching the videos and reading what others wrote....not finding any with this level...this is a really tough one the time u finish the bottom not many moves left for top...

  6. From the video it looks like sparkle/striped and wrapped/stripped combos are what's needed. Several of them. Only once have I cleared enough on the top to even begin there.

  7. Concentrate on making striped. Mix with sparkle ball or wrapped. Sparkle and wrapped don't do much. You have to start off trying to open up the top. Two wrapped mixed on top help a lot. Then mix in luck. I got down to 2, 3, 4 left many times; then it finally happened. Don't give up!!

  8. I am still fighting this one after a couple of days. Lately I'm getting consistently very close with the following strategy: I restart until I get a vertical striped candy on my first move. I try to get to the point that I have moves on the top as quickly as possible. Then I focus on moving on the top, only using the bottom if there's an obvious opportunity for some bonus candy. You don't want to waste any moves on needless moves, even at the top, but cascading action on the top is very valuable. I guess that's where luck and lots of retries is necessary.

  9. For Mark---How do you restart a game you have alreadt began?

  10. Found this very tedious took a lot of tries. Verical stripes then finished with combination.

  11. This one took me a week. Y, you gotta focus on the top. Spotted candies with stripe candies pretty effective. Then clearing out the corners is a pain. I made it to one or two bubbles many times and failed before... FINALLY! Yes, luck is a good thing too.

  12. What do I have to do to pass this? Been on it for days and honestly getting nowhere near clearing it. Patience is wearing thin now.


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