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Candy Crush Saga level 829

Tips for level 829 Candy Crush Saga
You need to collect 30 striped candies and 20 wrapped candies in 40 moves.
Level 829 is one of the most difficult levels in the Candy Crush Saga because the board is not very big and there are bombs on two conveyors which must not be allowed to count down.
After playing level 829 many times I have found that the best way to tackle it is to make wraps as much as possible.
You can almost forget about anything else until you have a good number of wraps collected.
At some stage in the game you will need to switch a colour bomb with a stripe to collect most of the stripes you need, but stripes are fairly easy to make and you shouldn't have to worry about them too much.
If you get a colour bomb use it on a single colour to help you make your wraps more easily as long as you have most of your stripes collected.
There is a temptation to keep making colour bombs as there are only 5 colours on the board, but mostly colour bombs don't help much with making wraps. Make them if you don't have the chance of a wrap, but if you have a choice make a wrap as these are the hardest specials to make in level 829.
Video below

Candy Crush Saga level 819

Tips for level 819 Candy Crush Saga
The target on level 819 is to collect 10 wrapped candies and 99 red candies in just 40 moves.
Because wraps are often the hardest specials to make, concentrate on them above anything else.
Stripes don't do you any good so don't waste moves making them.
Colour bombs can be useful, but only if you can't make a wrap, given a choice of a colour bomb or wrap make the wrap. Only make colour bombs if there is no chance of a wrap, and then switch it with either a red, or some other colour which may help you make a wrap.
The frog is not really very helpful in level 819, I moved it out of the way into a bottom corner as soon as it was fully grown to give me a bigger area for making my wraps.
Keep your eye on the number of red candies still left to collect, but I found that they usually took care of themselves if I managed to make all the wrapped candies I needed.
Video below.

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