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Candy Crush Saga Level 1892

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1892 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
This has to be the ,most annoying level so far in the game.
You have no choice of moves to start with, the game shuffles and often there are still no moves so it's game over. I would guess that half the games I played ended within the first three moves.
Once you do get started I would suggest you try to clear the board before you start to make the combos. Don't worry about losing the wraps you have at the start, use them to open up the board and you should be able to make more quite easily.
Avoid making stripes as you don't need them, stick to making wraps and colour bombs, but don't switch them together! 
Use colour bombs to remove a colour and with luck some wraps will be made in the cascades then you just have to get them together, this is easier said than done.. 
If you get past the first few moves and open the board the next frustration is the wraps exploding before you can use them, for this reason don't make too many at once and try to avoid making 2 the same colour close together.
You need heaps of luck for level 1892 and you may find that a lucky candy booster helps a lot.
Video below by Skillgaming.
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Candy Crush Saga Level 1891

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1891 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
This is a timed level and you have one minute to score 55,000 points.
Sometimes at the start of the game the only move you have is to switch the extra time candies at the bottom, this should be avoided if possible as the time will never go above one minute so any extra time candies you collect when the timer is full will be wasted. This happened to me a couple of times but if it's the only move you have you'll have to go with it and see what the shuffle gives you.
Your priority at the start is to open up the board to give you space to make special candies and combos. The extra time won't do you any good if you can only play in the restricted top of the board.
The conveyor can be a bit irritating as it slows you down, but it does give you the chance to look for your next move while you wait for it to stop.
Once the blockers are cleared you should be able to make colour bombs and other special candies to get the score up. it's quite easy to make these once you have space.
You may lose a few lives from having no moves at the start, or not being able to clear the blockers in time, but once you have a clear board you should be able to get a reasonably good score.
Video below
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